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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beautiful Cockatoo

This pastel I did for my students to show them how easy it is to draw in pastel, It is a drawing of a beautiful Cockatoo he sits on my fence eating my passion fruit and he knows I am not going to do anything, hope you all like it. Kind regards Brian

I have a postcard of this drawing for sale to raise funds for CANCER RESEARCH on this link and many other gifts on the site.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful Hibiscus

This little water colour of a hibiscus is one of the paintings we will be doing in the workshop at Penrith NSW, I will take some photo's to show you how they went with the painting, if you go to my facebook page you will see some that the children did with crayon pencil not the full flower but just the bloom. $300.00  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Magnificent Water Dragon

I thought I would try and explain and show you how I go about making a good painting, the first step is to find a good subject this one is going to be a water dragon. Well I suppose I could just download a photo from the web, but this would not give me the feel for the water dragon I need to see him in real life.I am down in the Jamison Valley just below the three sisters and the town of Katoomba
beautiful scenery and some great walks.Now I can sit and enjoy the peace and take in the beautiful scenery hear by this stream that he lives in and never to far from the water.It is just great to be here in his domain and feel as one with him. While I am waiting for him to show himself I get some really good photos of his natural home I will be using them in the painting .He is not nervous of people in fact he is quite cheeky and will come right up to you, this one was just 2ft away from me and posed for me. these are the photos I will use for my painting. But first I will make some sketches and build my picture from the photos and the sketches I did while I was waiting for him to show.I could make as many as 4 sketches before I have the sketch I want to do my painting from.

 25% of funds from the sale of my art is donated to Cancer reaearch, you can purchase my art in print formate or as originals,the prints are on canvas with archivel inks, all purchases can be paid for through paypal
A4 Prints AU$155.00 + Postage
A3 Prints AU$205.00 + Postage

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bird in water colour pencil for workshop

This little drawing was done with water colour pencil, it is the other project for the workshop in Penrith, it will be interesting to see how they all do they are mostly all new people. $300.00