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These works are for sale in print as well as original 25% of funds raised are forwarded to help with research My agent number 3358771

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gorgeous Annabella

Annabella was a young lady I met at a art market in Sydney and she was very happy to sit for me and let me draw her, I really don't know any more about her because when I had finished her boyfriend had returned so she left with her boy friend, this drawing is done in graphite on 22gram paper with frame.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beautiful Rose

This beautiful rose is done with water colour pencil on 220 gram paper $300.00

Colourful Finch

This drawing was done in water colour pencil for students, the idea was to draw a bird from your imagination, this was my drawing for them. $300.00

Beautiful Bird of Paradise

I was running a workshop for students in Penrith painting with oils this is the painting I painted for them, it is on streched canvas size 28 cm high X 35cm wide, I have it for sale at $300,00 and 25% will go to Cancer research. Kind regards Brian