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Friday, November 1, 2013

Beautiful Charmiane

This beautiful young lady is my niece  from Cornwall, lives in Camborne I have not seen her since 2007,  I did this picture of her from a photo on facebook it is a pastel drawing, I did it with students in Penrith as a workshop drawing for them to draw in pastel.

Camborne is best known as a centre for the former Cornish tin and copper mining industry, having its working heyday during the later 18th and early 19th centuries. Camborne was just a village until transformed by the mining boom which began in the late eighteenth century and saw the Camborne and Redruth district become the richest mining area in the world. Although a considerable number of ruinous stacks and engine houses remain, they cannot begin to convey the scenes of 150 years ago when scores of mines transfigured the landscape. Thanks to Wikipedia free encyclopedia the photo is mine.


  1. Gorgeous art...she is so lovely..beautifully expressive spirit that radiates from within. Wonderful!

  2. Hi Victoria, Thanks for the great comment on my art work it is appreciated. Kind regards Brian

  3. very interesting body of work..enjoyed the first visit. thanks for your lovely comments on my Pug painting

    1. Hi M.R, Thanks for the comment I am very pleased that you enjoyed your visit and liked my art. Kind regards Brian