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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I first saw dingos on Fraser island you can get to the island from Harvey bay on a ferry, any way the two dingos in my sketch was drawn at Strzelecki Desert, I had been on a little road tripe from Sydney, I put up my camp just in side the Strzelecki not far from Mount Hopeless, and then started exploring I was not looking for any thing in particular just looking, after 4 days I was sitting down sketching some scenery I had been there about 2 hours when I looked up and saw just 50 meters away two dingos on a small rise which gave me the vision for this sketch, they did not stay long they were gone before I could get a pencil.
This drawing is for sale at $1000,00 US + postage,  Prints are available on archival canvas for $155.00 US for A4 width 21cm x height 29cm. Or $205.00 US for A3 width 29 x height 42cm.

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