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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle

One day on my way home from Bundaberg, I saw in the distance a big wedge-tailed eagle ripping meat from a dead Kangroo. As I got closer I could see he was very big in fact he was enormous, he did not seam to be one bit worried about me so I was able to stop on the side of the road and do some sketches of him, I was lucky to have my derwent pencils and sketch pad in the car but no camera not happy, but I was able to get time to do a good sketch before he decided to leave, that was quite a site to see him run down the road to get airborne he was magnificent, I am going to do a painting of him in flight soon.
This painting in acrylic is for sale at $2,500.00 US   Prints are available on archival canvas for $155.00 US for A4 width 21cm x height 29cm. Or $205.00 US for A3 width 29 x height 42cm.

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