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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Once again this was one of those lucky shots. After camping for 6 weeks and extensively photographing and sketching the lakes area of Tasmania. I had just set up to photograph a waterfall when a quoll happened along. He was hunting around rocks on the edge of a ravine where some large gums were growing from the bottom of the ravine. No artistic licence has been exercised and you will note the injured tail which was unusually split, and the variation in fur colour. Quolls are a ferocious little marsupials, about the size of a rabbit, and they will eat anything they can catch.
This painting in Acrylic is for sale at $2,500.00 US     Prints are available on archival canvas for $155.00 US for A4 width 21cm x height 29cm. Or $205.00 US for A3 width 29 X height 42cm.


  1. Good Effort Brian.
    Go Well,
    Laptops Are Us...

    1. Thanks Anonymous for the great comment hope you are having a great week end. Kind regards Brian